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Humaniq is an innovative financial ecosystem built on blockchain, focused on simply and quickly connecting unbanked people to the global economy. It combines blockchain bank as a core platform for financial services and technology start-ups, biometrics that replaces passports and signatures, ICO and distributed ownership instead of shareholders, and an investment fund for third-party start-up acquisition and acceleration.
Bank 4.0
Prominent authors on the future of banking (Chris Skinner "Digital Bank", Brett King "Bank 3.0") describe the concept of a next generation bank as an open-source platform with a shared API for start-up integration, with open data and with the purpose of being a smart communication engine for social networking, business cooperation, games etc. Humaniq is meant to be that new breed of financial services - an open-source platform built on blockchain, offering a truly independent and simple way of human economic cooperation.
Instant access for everyone
Imagine if anyone living anywhere, even with poor education and no technical skills, can become a global bank client in seconds with nothing more than a simple smartphone. No signatures, passports or any other documents needed - all services are instantly available via fast mobile bio identification. No local political or legal obstacles can suppress the use of the services - the system is owned by the global community and is totally independent from any government or political regulation. A face and a simple smartphone is all one needs to enjoy full membership. Simple operations can be processed even without the face-scanning procedure.
Simple & Visual-Centric
We're working on creating the most clear, minimalistic and intuitively intelligible tools to make the use of financial services as simple as possible. Unbanked regions are spread everywhere and have different cultures and languages, so we use mostly visual rather than verbal language and interfaces. Unbanked people often have poor education and technical skills, so we offer them the simplest way to connect and start operating Humaniq services.

The project represents a next-generation model of banking for people disconnected from the global financial system. In combines blockchain bank as a platform for financial services and technological start-ups, biometrics that replaces passports and signatures, ICO and distributed ownership instead of shareholders, and an investment fund for start-up acceleration and acquisition.
Key components
The core of the system is blockchain as an open platform that performs processing, generation of accounts, and finance.
Core projects
Next layer around it is a swarm of projects transforming the business model: instead of bank lending there's P2P lending, insurance, business models based on data and reputation scoring systems etc.
Final layer is where business works with interface solutions such as cards, QR codes, mobile apps, chat-banking, social media.
Business community
Humaniq is human-centric and cooperative by nature, so we understand clearly the importance of developing an enthusiastic business community. The first step towards it will be the launch of the international Humaniq hackathon for entrepreneurs and teams, aimed at developing practical ideas for particular ways of engaging the unbanked people with the global economy using Humaniq infrastructure. The best ideas and teams will be supported with investment and facilitation.
Struggling with traditional banks and their mobile avatars on their territory is not what Humaniq is meant to do. We see the great opportunities that blockchain and bio-ID technologies open, and we definitely see that those technologies may be successfully deployed to engage people who are not reachable and interesting for traditional banks due to political, legal, geographic and other reasons.
Global economic crisis
It looks like global economy resulted in a number of investment mistakes. We actually shifted the crisis into our future but then the next abyss might be even deeper, as society has run out of economically efficient solutions, and it lacks opportunities. The global crisis wasn't only financial but ideological. It's the intellectual bankruptcy that makes today's financial market collapse, so it should have an intellectual resolution – that's how a growing interest in Bitcoin and cryptoeconomics has been generated. Nevertheless, the latter has had no ultimate success yet because of some technical and social issues including: inequitable distribution, complexity, and lack of liquidity. Seven years have passed since it was born but there's been no huge expansion as you need civilization and certain skills to use it.
Over 1 billion new users
There are more than 1 billion unbanked people in the world (expert's numbers vary from 1 to 2.5 billion), and there are particular case-studies proving that financial inclusion creates an economic multiplier effect and considerably stimulates economic growth. Humaniq creates innovative mobile services that allow us to connect millions of unbanked people around the globe without competing with traditional banks. It creates a "blue ocean" for start-ups with a billion new potential users. Focusing on the unbanked, we pursue not only commercial, but also social and humanitarian goals, giving isolated people a chance to make their lives tolerable and increase their prospects without migrating to prosperous countries.
2016, October-November
White paper (White book).
2016, December
Launch site
2016, December
2017, February
Crowdsale start.
2017, February
Meeting with partners in India.
2017, March
Crowdsale Concludes.
2017, May
Prototype mobile App.
2017, July
(Product launch) Test mobile App + BioID + Exchange App.
2017, September
Global Expansion in two directions: end users (unbanked) in Asia, Africa, and South America, and searching out innovative offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and San Francisco.
Working through any legal issues in developed countries, integration of virtual cards, integration of FinTech-start-ups, research decentralized architecture.
Alex Fork
Head of Board Member
Author of the book "Bitcoin. More than just money"

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