Join our mission to connect two billion unbanked people
Join our mission to connect
two billion unbanked people

for everyone

Join our mission to connect two billion unbanked people
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People in World don’t have
bank accounts


Bank 4.0

Humaniq is a next generation bank built on the open-source Ethereum platform with a shared API for quickly integrating new startups and services from existing companies. We’re utilising Blockchain technology to open up a vastly underserved market among the unbanked populations of the world.
People in World
don’t have access
to Banking
Africa is the world's second-largest and second-most-populous continent.

Simple & Visual-Centric

Humaniq is an innovative financial ecosystem built on blockchain.

What is Humaniq?

It’s a new blockchain bank using Ethereum as a core platform for financial services such as loans, credit, remittance payments, and insurance, while using biometrics to replace passports and signatures, and an ICO and distributed ownership instead of shareholders, along with an investment fund for third-party start-up acquisition and acceleration.

2016 Statistics

Enhanced facial recognition software to authenticate users.
Distributed ownership and an investment fund to accelerate third party start ups and plug in services.

Banking service


billion people
We’re designing a clear, minimalistic, and intuitive User Interface to eliminate language and literacy barriers.

How it Works?

Key Components


The core of the system is the Ethereum Blockchain. It performs processing, generation of accounts, authentication, and transfer of currency.

Core projects

The next layer is a swarm of projects plugging into the system via APIs - including P2P lending, credit and loans services, insurance, business models based on data and reputation scoring systems etc.


The UX and UI layer is where businesses can implement interface solutions such as cards, QR codes, mobile apps, chat-banking, social media.

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Blockchain technology is gaining interest in the financial industry for its ability to weather crises.

Our brand new Blockchain based banking App is a wallet with biometric identification.

We’re going to make basic financial instruments accessible to over 2 billion unbanked people in Africa, South America, and Asia, creating an untapped market for innovative firms to offer their services.

We’ve created a method for incentivising user adoption by offering them tradeable tokens that can be exchanged for local currency through mobile cashiers or traded for ether, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies.

Our business model is based on Metcalfe’s Law, which states that the overall value of the network grows at a squared rate to the number of users. By making registration and authentication based on biometric data, and designing the UI to be intuitive enough for non-literate people to use, we’re removing two of the traditional barriers to mobile technology adoption.


Breaking down barriers with clever design and a more human-friendly User Interface


How we’re innovating our mobile app to make it easy to use for unbanked populations.
The key is that the app will be simple to use. Biometric ID for registration and verification of transactions, and an image based interface rather than text based, making it very easy and inexpensive to introduce the app to regions and countries with wide variations in written languages and literacy.


Facial ID

The simplest option which is available for any phone with a front-facing camera, including very low-end Android models.

Voice ID

More sophisticated version of CAPTCHA.

Device ID

Matches an account to a physical device. Excellent secondary verification.

Unrivaled Potential

Over 2 billion
new users

1.5 billion people possess no
identification documents
Over 2 billion
people unbanked
Potential for
$4.2 trillion
in new deposits

Banking for the Bankless

Come join us - at the front of the train - as we connect this unserved demographic. Bringing the unbanked into the online ecosystem will have a multiplier effect on their local economies, encouraging wider adoption. It will not only help to eradicate poverty in emerging economies for potentially millions of people, it will also strengthen Humaniq’s market share with scale.

As an investor, not only will you be in a prime position to see the value of your investment grow, you’ll also be able to engage in the service directly with options such as P2P lending that will help you achieve not only a ROI on your investment but also help empower and improve the lives of others who have never had opportunities via traditional financial services before.

Humaniq is creating the foundation for a financial ecosystem that is not a walled garden, and will not initially be competing with traditional banks. This creates a “blue ocean” for start-ups that are eager to access a huge potential pool of new consumers. Investors will be able to offer their own P2P loan services to Humaniq users.

This massive user base will be fantastic for Blockchain based third-party services such as financial, insurance, P2P lending, credit firms, investment firms, data hosting, legal processing, and many others that hungry startups are working on.

There are humanitarian and charitable opportunities as well. One of the biggest challenges of global charities is that there is an enormous amount of financial leakage between the donor and the intended recipient. Using Humaniq, charitable individuals could locate individuals and organizations that can provide the biggest impact for their donation.





White paper

December Launch

February — March

Crowdsale Campaign start


Mobile App prototype

July (Product launch)

Test App with BioID and an Exchange App

September — December

Global Expansion
Working through any legal issues in developing countries, integration of virtual cards, FinTech-start-ups, decentralized architecture R&D.

Our Team


Alex Fork

Head of Board Member.

Richard Kastelein

Director at Blockchain Partners, Publisher at Blockchain News, Managing Partner at The Hackitarians.

Alakanani Itireleng

Director в Satoshicentre

Ross Lloyd

Past veteran of many Australian Government Ministerial briefings, annual reports, speeches.


Sierra Leone

Chernoh Saeed Sow

Bitcoin Network-SLBNet

Philip Agyei Asare

Dream Bitcoin Foundation

Itumeleng Isaac Lejone

Bitcoin Community
South Africa



Parth Bhatt
Upendra Kumar


Bitcoin processing operator


Blockchain development company


Crowdfunding marketing agency


Future Fintech - Fintech cluster: community, coworking, financial partners, hackathons and conferences for fintech startups.


Blockchain community - Non profit association of enthusiasts, professionals, entrepreneurs and services interested in learning, development and applications of blockchain.

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Starts 6 April



ICO duration: 21 days.
+ 49.9% - 2 days
+ 25% - 7 days
+ 12.5% - 7days
+ 0% - 5 days